zCHARGE Networked EV Charging Infrastructure Technology

New Energy Fuel Pump

zChargeTM Networked EV Charging Infrastructure Technology handles a wide variety of charging scenarios with advanced features for ease of use and the latest in mobile client services.  Access charge status, even find an available charge station via the web.  Each zCharge handles two vehicles at once in normal or rapid charging configurations.

zSTATION™ is the main control unit for a cluster of zSPOTwall and/or zSPOTstandalone. The user can operate their EV charging procedures and process their payment on the touch screen menu. The status and alarms of the group of zSPOTs is collected and reported to backend management system – zChargeNetworkControlCenter (zCNCC).
zSPOT™ is the main component of the BW EVCSE system, and comes in different models and capabilities.  It is the main outlet for charging Electric Vehicles, and comes with L1 and L2 charging capabilities.  Advanced capabilities will include L3 DC fast charge modes matching EVs with fast charge setups.
zWALL-i/ii is a wall mount unit that provides 2 EV charging outlets. It is normally installed in basement parking garages or any indoor environment. A number of zWALL-i/ii units can be connected in series to a zSTATION™ (kiosk) unit. Users can operate the zWALL-i/ii, and process the payment through a single zSTATION™. Status and Alarm reports will be provided to the backend management system – zChargeNetworkControlCenter (zCNCC).

zCharge Station System E-Mobility Platform

zCharge Station System E-Mobility Platform is an electric mobility platform developed by Better World. It is a complete set of applications that interact together with grids, charging stations (EVCE), electric vehicles, utilities, mobile phones and any Internet browser to give full functional coverage to the management of electric mobility networks.

zSPOT Electric Vehicle Charging Station Monument Style

Wireless Connectivity Options

  • Mobile Updates via web, text
  • Sends charge status updates
  • GPRS, 3G, Optional Zigbee
  • Wifi Hot Spot
  • Over-the-air updates

Fast, Flexible Charging

  • Level 1 (household)
  • Level 2 (220v)
  • Two outlets can be used simultaneously


Optimized for You

The zSPOTTM family comes in different models and capabilities for normal and/or rapid charge setups. zSPOT also comes as a stand-alone unit so the user display can be customized by the operator for individual users or as a publicly available system with the ability to collect payments based on usage.

  • Customizable
  • 8” Programmable Backlit Display
  • Smart Card RFID Reader with Multi-Billing Options
  • Locking Outlet Door

Supports electric utility billing hwen certified to ANSI 12.20 and IEC standards. Meets NEC article 625, IEC62196 and NB/T33002-2010 and SZDB/Z 29-2010
Compatible with normal 110-120v US household charging or EV industry standard connectors like the J1722.


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