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The ZAPPY 3 PRO Flex Electric Scooter is fast, fun, friendly and now it folds!

The ZAPPY3 PRO FLEX is an innovative new electric vehicle that is revolutionizing personal transportation and rehab mobility at home and in the workplace. Three wheels provide greater stability and safety than regular two wheeled transporters, not to mention more torque and longer range for more rigorous use. The sturdy seat is removable, so you can stand up or sit down while riding making it great for recreation or mobility use. With speeds up to 13 MPH, the Zappy3 PRO-Flex is the ultimate in a comfortable, Pre-Mobility Electric Scooter. The new collapsible handlebar makes it a cinch to store or transport. Just drop the handlebars and store it in the back of the RV, van or trunk. The all-new design increases ease of operation by locating the controls and battery feedback with the brakes on the handlebar along with the keyed ignition. The headlight incorporates a powerful, new 7 LED design. Now you can see be seen. The PRO has the same or better performance than other mobility devices and operates at a lower cost. It plugs into any conventional 110-volt household outlet and has zero exhaust emissions, making it great for indoor use and personal transportation outdoors. The New ZAPPY3 PRO-Flex is truly a product for young and old. Everyone is happy riding a ZAPPY!

Video of ZAPPY3 in Action
Relaxing Exciting

The advanced wheel-motor design built into the front wheel allows for better overall performance, efficiency as well as maneuverability, with a turning-radius which allows the user to make a tight 360 degree turn.

 "It allows me to go places and do things I couldn’t do because of my feet issues."

- Ken K., Sioux Falls, Idaho

"Thank you for listening and improving
a great product."
- Kim, Canada




Speed: Up to 13 MPH*
Range: Up to 17 miles*
Motor: 350 Watt Brushless Hub Motor
Charging Time: 4 - 6 hours for pennies
Batteries: 36V 12 Ah
Battery Type: Sealed lead acid (IATA Certified A67)
Tires: Pneumatic
Color Silver, Black Deck
Size: 30 x 19 x 26 in.
Weight: 100 lbs.
Shipping Weight 109 lbs.
Max. Rider Weight 290 lbs.
Includes: Basket, headlight, horn & removeable seat

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