5-Star Cargo Van

Now under development for automotive fleet markets Introducing 5 Star Cargo Van, a new multi-purpose van available in gas or electric power trains. Able to haul more than 128 cubic feet of cargo, this is a great commercial vehicle. Or with three rows of seats, it can fit up to seven passengers. SHUTTLE makes an excellent platform for large fleets to test and demonstrate electric vehicles. Type 1 low-speed models are expected to be available in early 2012, designed for specific fleet requirements with a maximum speed of 50 MPH (80 KPH) and a range up to 60 miles per charge. A Type 2 freeway capable version is also being planned. Join our Email List to be updated on availability. Please read over this page and use our Contact Us form for any additional questions.

    Standard - Electronic Power Steering, Power Brakes, 4 wheel ABS, electric windows, reverse backup detection, Air Conditioning

COLORS: Silver Grey, Pearl White, Florid Orange

Power Specifications

Motor Battery Motor Power Peak Power Acceleration 0-40 km/h Max Speed Max Range Climbing Gradient Charging Time Curb Weight
3.2V 100AH lithium ion phosphate 40.00KW 80KWh ≤10.00s 150km/h ≥180km/h 20% 6-8 hours 1 550kg

Vehicle Specifications

Dimensions Loading Deck Dimensions Wheel Base Track Base (F/R) Ground Clearance Passengers Tire Size Suspension (F/R) Brakes (F/R) Power Brakes 4 Wheel ABS Mechanical Steering Power Steering Rearview Mirror Seats
4157×1620×1915 4157×1620×1915 2 700mm 1386/1408 160.00mm 2 disk/disk Standard Standard Optional Standard yes 2 Seats
Alloy Wheel Rear Wiper High Brake Lamp Front Fog Lamp Rear Fog Lamp Manual Locks Power Windows Forced Air Heating Defogger A/C Audio Sunroof LED Taillight Reverse Alarm Reverse Detection
Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Optional Optional Optional Standard

Not Available in the USA