Test Drive a ZAP Car

We invite you to experience the only affordable electric car available for sale in the world. The XEBRA Sedan and the XEBRA Truck are the only affordable electric cars that meet federal standards and drive faster than 25 miles per hour. They put out 90% fewer emissions than the conventional car, plug into any household electrical socket, and cost about 2 cents a mile to operate. Many auto dealers across the United States are reordering before their first XEBRA shipments have even arrived. Cities like San Francisco are currently trying out the XEBRA in consideration of replacing their fleets with ZAP electric vehicles. Fill out our form to sign up for a Test Drive at your regional ZAP Outlet.

Xebra Sedan Reservation $99 MSRP: $11,700.00 Xebra Truck Reservation $99 MSRP: $12,500.00