International Sales

For more than a decade, ZAP has been nurturing business relationships in Asia to remain competitive in the emerging global market for advanced transportation and electric car technologies.  In 2009 China passed the U.S. as the world's largest auto industry and ZAP has been expanding its commitment throughout Asia with business leaders who understand the potential for these technologies. In January, 2011 we achieved our dream of acquiring 51% majority ownership of Jonway Automobile, backed by jonway Group, one of the largest vehicle producers in China. Our new company ZAP JONWAY is positioned to address new market forces and we are seeking experienced dealers and distributors who understand this opportunity and want to use it to bring their business to a new level.

ZAP Taxi

We continue to seek new business partners throughout the world who share our drive for alternative energy transportation.  New technology, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing are ways ZAP and our partners around the world can make a difference. Contact US if you are interested in bringing ZAP to your part of the world. - Click Here

Samyang Optics Co., Ltd. Samyang Optics Co., Ltd.  
ZAP Hangzou

Based in Hangzhou, Holley Group is the world's largest producer of electric power meters.  ZAP has formed a joint venture to manufacture electric vehicles and related technologies with Holley to fill growing fleet demand sparked by the Chinese government.

Korea Distribution

Samyang Optics has partnered with ZAP to distribute electric vehicles in Korea.  The Korean government is investing in plug-in vehicle technologies and Samyang Optics is investing in this new market opportunity.  The Alias and SUV/Taxi were showcased recently in Korea.


Taxis offer a unique opportunity to showcase ZAP's electric vehicle expertise.  Using the Jonway A380 SUV as a platform, ZAP has integrated  an advanced electric drive train, offering a useful fleet vehicle for government and corporate taxis and motor pools.


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