ZAPPY3 Folding Electric Scooter

The ZAPPY3 is fun, easy and affordable. Charge it up for miles of quiet, clean power. Folds easily for storage at home or in your car, truck or RV. See more Here

XL Electric LSV Truck a Bigger, Stronger ZAP

The XL electric LSV truck is designed to be the green backbone of fleet operations. A tough, durable workhorse with a roomy cab for two and a convertible bed/platform for moving more cargo. See more Here

2004-2007 Model Year ZAP XEBRA Electric Car and Truck

The XEBRA was created to be a breed by itself, agile and nimble in tight places, with a meager appetite and zero tailpipe emissions. See more Here

Part Scooter, Part Bicycle, Part Taxi, Part Truck

POWERBIKE is an innovative way to carry yourself, your friends and your stuff without a car. Available in Truck or Taxi models, POWERBIKE transforms to carry more cargo. See more Here

ZAP JONWAY Launches Van for New Markets

Bringing some sparkle to the world of Chinese vans, ZAP JONWAY (OTC BB: ZAAP) launched sales for its new Five Star van, including an unveiling with dealers and media at its Sanmen Factory. See more Here

ALIAS Design Evolution

Agile, Responsive, Nimble, Exciting, and More. The ALIAS electric car is now under development as part of a new venture between ZAP and Jonway Auto of China. See more Here

ZAP Completes 51% Majority Acquisition of Jonway Automobile

In 2011, ZAP finalized a 51% majority acquisition of Jonway Automobile of China. See more Click Here

New Energy Vehicles

ZAP JONWAY is a pioneer in new energy vehicle technologies with subsidiaries designing and manufacturing quality, affordable gasoline and electric vehicles (EVs) as well as automobiles in a broad array of products (SUV, van, truck, motorcycle, sedan, scooter, ATV, 3-wheel, vehicle integrations, charging stations and related EV infrastructure technologies). With established ISO 9000 manufacturing, research and development, sales and customer service already in place in China, ZAP JONWAY is positioned to provide both gasoline and plug-in vehicles to international markets.  Headquartered with research and development in California, we now manufacture the A380 gasoline SUV at our Jonway Automobile subsidiary in Zhejiang Province of China with 100% electric versions now under development.  Learn More